For after sales service you can rely on our skilled technicians both on the field and in our workshop. Our technicians are being trained regularly with the latest new information on our product range, so we can guarantee a perfect service. In our warehouse you can find a large stock of new spare parts, but we can also help you with secondhand spare parts such as engines and transmissions. 

Main Office

Denis Foets NV
Turnhoutsebaan 19
3980 Tessenderlo
Tel +32 14 840073
Fax +32 14 840141
VAT BE0442 273 181

Second office

Denis Foets NV
De Weven 8-10
3583 Beringen
Tel +32 11 424662
Fax +32 11 426917
VAT BE0442 273 181

Opening hours

Monday to Friday
8:00u till 18:00u

08:00u till 12:00u

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